Military Flags

Whether you’re honoring those who have served or simply showing pride in our nation’s armed services, displaying military service flags adds an air of patriotism and nobility to any building or outdoor area. Our military flags for sale serve as a reminder of the heroic sacrifices many have made for our freedom, and they can both inspire and ground us in our daily lives.

American Made Military Flags for Sale

At Kalamazoo Flag, we provide flags honoring the various branches of our United States Military, including the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army National Guard, Special Forces, and Coast Guard, in addition to civilian service flags. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor flags to meet the needs of your specific display. 

In addition to our military flags for sale, we also offer flagpoles and provide services for both flagpole installations and repairs.

Our family-run business is proud to help you honor our heroes with premium quality flags meeting military standards, all of which have been manufactured right here in the United States.

Types of Military Flags Explained

Every branch of our armed services has its own flag. These flags often feature the seal or insignia of the particular branch, such as the United States Marine Corps flag with its “Semper Fidelis” eagle. In addition to these specific armed forces flags, there are also flags honoring those heroes who became POWs or went missing in action, as well as those veterans who served in Vietnam.

You may choose to display flags honoring your local civil servicemen and women as well. These typically include flags representing our police officers, firefighters, fire rescue, and emergency medical services.

Tips to Displaying Military Flags

In order to honor military standards, there are specific procedures you should follow when displaying military flags:

  • If you are flying the United States flag alongside flags for the various military branches, the national flag should be flown highest and to the left of the military service flags.
  • During peacetime, the armed forces flags should be flown in the following order, from left to right:
    • Army flag
    • Marine Corps flag
    • Navy flag
    • Air Force flag
    • Space Force flag
    • Coast Guard flag
  • Make sure any flag is the proper size for its pole.
  • If your flag display is outside, make sure you have flags that can withstand the elements, such as our premium quality outdoor nylon flags with a dense 200 denier weave. Sunlight can cause fading or discoloration, so investing in premium quality flags will ensure your display continues to honor our heroes over time.
  • Wash any dirty flags by hand and follow proper flag care to preserve their colors and fabric.

The Highest Quality United States Military Flags You Can Buy

Kalamazoo Flag is your all-American source for quality military flags for sale. Choose from various sizes, materials, and mounting options for flags that will meet your specific needs and withstand the test of time.

There’s no better show of civic pride than a flag display honoring those serving in our armed forces. While they work to keep us safe at home and abroad, we pay tribute with premium quality flags that serve as a reminder of their sacrifices.

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