At Kalamazoo Flag, we are crazy about all things related to flags and patriotism. As a family-run business, our values have placed us as a leader in the industry, striving for 100% customer satisfaction with every order. We realize our customers keep us in business, and we appreciate every communication, every order, and every referral. Earning your trust is a top priority as we provide quality products that allow us and others to maintain our country’s pride. Aside from our nation’s stars and stripes, we have territory and state flags for sale, perfectly complementing the red, white, and blue.

About Our State Flags

Many of our US state flags date back to the 1800s, such as the flag of Hawaii, created in 1845. Others have been designed and redesigned multiple times, such as the flag of Georgia that has undergone a redesign process at least six times, currently resting on a design from 2003. The late 19th century and early 20th century increased interest when it came to regional culture and displaying flags. This is why many flags were created during that time.

The state government often designed flags for each state, and many southern states created designs that honored Civil War soldiers. Though several of those flags have been redesigned, there are also several still being used. In any case, Kalamazoo Flag has the most current flags for every state and territory. Some different options we offer include materials and sizes.

Materials and Style

Whether you plan to hang your home state flag on a pole in your front yard or are looking for a state flag to hang inside a classroom, the material and style of the flag do matter. Some options available for most of our state and territory flags include:

  • Indoor fringed – Our indoor fringed flags are made of 100% nylon. They are often used in parades, though the showy flags were created to hang with an indoor display. The two-inch gold fringe is made from rayon, and the hem is lined with flannel. You can hang these from a wall, but they do have a tab to attach to a pole as well.
  • Outdoor nylon – We have two options for outdoor flags, one being 200 denier nylon. With a special treatment that resists color deterioration, these outdoor nylon flags are great for holding up in the weather. Strong brass grommets keep these flags flying, and the nylon dries fast if it ever gets wet.
  • Outdoor polyester – Wind resistance is often an issue with outdoor flags, but these 2-ply flags have an open weave that resists the wind. Made of 100% polyester, these outdoor flags have been designed for the needs of any customer looking for a quality state flag.

Flag Size

Everyone needs a state or territory flag for a different purpose, and that’s why Kalamazoo Flag offers the options to suit every need. Whether you are looking for a smaller flag for personal use or a larger flag to fulfill a corporate need, we have what you want. For example, a small 8″x12″ flag might be just what you need to set on your desk, but a 6’x10′ might be better suited for the flagpole in front of your office building. Of course, we also have larger sizes available, so you should never hesitate to ask.

Correctly Displaying State Flags

When you proudly display your state flag, it is often with the American flag, and there is proper etiquette you should heed when doing so. Some rules to follow include:

  • The American flag should be larger than the state flag. For example, if your American flag is 6’x10′, you should order a state flag that is no larger than 5’x8′. If a city or other local flag is also flown with the American and state flag, it can be the same size and height as the state flag.
  • The American flag should fly higher than the state, local, or society flags, and when they are grouped together, the American flag should sit in the center.
  • If you are hanging the flags against a wall, the American flag should be to the right of the state flag.
  • When hoisting and lowering flags, the American flag should always come before the state flag.

Display Helps

At Kalamazoo Flag, we make it easy to display any flag you purchase. Our extensive selection of display helps will ensure that whether: indoors or outdoors, you can show your state pride. Some of our products that will allow you display the flag correctly include poles, pole stands, cords and tassels, pole toppers, flag spreaders, and wall mount holders. We also have swivel snaps, spring clips, snap covers, polyester halyards, cleats, and even solar lights.

Check Out Our Selection Today

American pride is something we can all come together for, but we all have our own allegiances when it comes to states and territories. Luckily, this great country offers the freedom to be proud of where we’re from. With the best state flags, Kalamazoo Flag helps you show off the state you’re proud of. Contact us today at 269-323-2781 or check out our selection so you can get your flag flying high as soon as possible.

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