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About this Fire Department Flag:

  1. The best resistance to damaging ultraviolet radiation. 
  2. The base fabric is the longest lasting Nylon material available, has a dense 200 denier weave, and is manufactured in the U.S.A. 
  3. It flies in the lightest breeze and provides the brightest colors for a vivid appearance. 
  4. We guarantee that every flag will stay Colorfast for one full year from the date of purchase or we will replace it at no charge. 
  5. Flags 8 ft. x 12 ft. are finished with canvas heading and roped heading for extra strength and six or more rows of lock stitching with back stitch reinforcements. 
  6. Flags 15 ft. x 25 ft. and larger feature corner patches on the fly hem. 
  7. All our US flags are made in the USA.


Whether getting a flag for the department or your home, it can often be hard to find the perfect flag. Fortunately, this flag not only looks amazing but its engineered wit h100% nylon. This means it’ll survive any weather thrown it’s way. Not to mention it continues to fly high even in the slightest breeze. This bright engine red flag features the traditional “Fire Department” logo in the center in yellow. Firefighters do more than just put out fires, they also save people from burning buildings. When everyone else runs away there will also be a firefighter ready to run in if necessary. All firefighters are truly heroes and genuinely want the best for their community. Every day they go out saving lives. Even if it’s not running into a burning building, the impact they have on their community is endless. Fires can be detrimental to someone’s life. With the extreme heat, someone without a suit wouldn’t even be able to get close to the building. In fact, a firefighter isn’t allowed to have a mustache or piercings due to the extreme heat. Another fact is that their uniforms can withstand up to 2,200ºF. So whether youtube a firefighter or know a firefighter. This flag is a fantastic way to show your pride and support.