Can You Fly Another Flag Under The American Flag

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Steve Doorlag

You proudly display your American flag, but what about the other flags that you want to display too?

Can you fly another flag under the American flag?

The short answer is yes, but there are some things that you should know first. 

American Flag Rules


The American flag should always be either larger or roughly the same size as other flags. No other flag should overshadow the American flag. 


The American flag should be flown higher than lesser flags. If another flag is flown at the same level, it should be flown to the American flag’s left. 

Other National Flags

If the flag of another nation is flown alongside the American flag, the flag should be equal in size and height. It should also have its own staff, and should only be flown in times of peace. 


If the American flag is to be flown as part of a group of local or societal flags, the American flag should take center stage and be flown the highest. 

Hoisting & Lowering

When being flown with other flags, the American flag should be hoisted first and lowered last. 


If the American flag is to be displayed with other flags on a wall or any other surface with crossed staffs, the American flag should be on its own right, and the staff should be in front of any other staffs. 

Shared Halyard

If the American flag is to share a Halyard with another flag, the American flag should be at the top.

Carried Flags

If the American flag is to be carried in a procession with other flags, it should either be carried to its own right or at the center of the other flags.


There are some exceptions to the rules:


  • The national flag always takes prominence, so this flag code only applies to flags flown on American soil. 
  • The rules only apply to civilians, so Navy personnel may fly the flag of another nation on their masthead. The stern and gaff are more prominent flag positions on a ship. 
  • A church pennant can be displayed above the American flag when a church service is being performed by a naval chaplain at sea. 
  • The United Nations’ headquarters reside in the US but is owned by all members of the UN. There, flags can be flown in alphabetical order.


Wrapping Up

As long as you follow the rules and are on US soil, you will always fly the American flag in a correct manner.