10+ American Flag Rules

Steve Doorlag

Steve Doorlag

When owning a US flag there are certain precautions and rules that must be followed. These rules are decided by the US.


Although it can sound scary and stressful, we’ve listed the top 10 rules that must be followed to hopefully eliminate the stress.


Some of the rules will seem weird and others might make total sense. 


Regardless, we have it all laid out and even deep-dive into each rule.


Let’s get started!

Is It Ok To Fly The Flag At Night?

Fortunately, you won’t be needing to take down the flag every night. But you will need to invest in some type of light. It’s stated that the US flag can remain up at night as long as its properly illuminated. So whether its a flagpole light, or even just a flashlight. The flag must be visible throughout the night.

What Side Of The House Do You Put It?

As weird as this rule may be, the flag should always be on one side to your home. If you’re looking at your house the flag shall be on your left. If you’re looking at the road the flag should be on your right.

Can You Fly Multiple Country Flags?

Flying other countries’ flags along with the US flag is allowed. For example, if you’re Mexican-American and you want to display your roots you can fly the Mexican and US flag together. But, the US flag should always be flown in a position of honor. This means the US flag should be equal or larger in size as well as display more prominently. 

Can A Flag Fly Higher Than The US Flag?

When it comes to respecting Ol’ Glory you’ll want it to be above all other flags. So whether it’s your favorite college team, State, etc. the SU flag shall remain above all others.

Can You Drive With A Flag?

The simple answer is yes, you can drive with the US flag. But, it’s important that you do it correctly. When driving with a US flag it shall be flown properly via a pole. It shall not be draped or dragging in any way.

Can You Fly The Flag In Bad Weather?

The flag shall be removed from any bad weather. It’s best to properly store the flag where it can be damaged, torn, etc. in any way. Another option is to keep it covered. For example, it could be displayed under a porch.

What If You Don’t Have A Flag Pole?

If you don’t have a flag pole, that’s completely okay. But it must be treated with respect. For example, stores will hang there flags vertically. The stars should always be on top. Its also important that the flag isn’t draping onto the floor, etc.

Can You Fly An Old US Flag?

The current flag that we see today isn’t actually the only flag the US has used. If you happen to have an older version of the flag you can still proudly fly it high.

When Must You Fly The US Flag?

Although its recommended to fly the flag every day. There’s some days where its vital to fly the flag. This is commonly on holidays such as the fourth of July, memorial day, etc.

Can You Fly A Flag From An Apartment Building?

Your right to fly the US flag fro man apartment building is actually uncertain. This is because people next to you could get annoyed with the flag whipping around. But its also your right to fly the US flag. So, its best to contact your landlord to see if you’re able to.

(Bonus) 3 Things To Never Do With A US Flag

Bonus #1 The Flag Should Never Be Disrespected

Whether it’s stepping, burning, or trashing the flag, there are many ways to disrespect the US flag. In no way, shape, or form should the flag be disrespected. After the years of fighting for the freedoms, we get to live in. This flag deserves the respect we give it.

Bonus #2 The US Flag Should Never Be Displayed Upside-Down

Flying the US flag upside is similar to putting the cross upside-down. Its a form of showing that you don’t care or respect the flag. The only time its okay to have the flag upside down is when you’re in serious danger of life or property.

Bonus #3 The Flag Should Never Touch Anything Below It

When the flag is flying it should never touch anything besides the flag pole. For example, it shouldn’t touch the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise. This is a form of disrespect as it shows no care for the flag. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, owning a US flag can be much more work than just letting it fly high. 


Fortunately for you, we’ve listed the main rules that are necessary to follow. The US flag deserves the respect we give it.


The US has fought for the freedoms that we get to live with today. This flag has represented us through many wars, hardships, and even the good times. 


For those reasons, the US flag shall always fly high and be treated with the utmost respect.